The common mistakes women do while preparing themselves for conception

The common mistakes women do while preparing themselves for conception

As we all know there are no shortcuts for pregnancy and everyone conceives at their own rate. Whenever there is a delay, it needn't be a problem with your health but in fact, it could also be an externality. As a smart person, we should know the reasons for the delay in pregnancy so that we can better prepare ourselves and take the battle head-on. Nowadays, sex education is out everywhere and if you turn on the TV after 11 PM on any day, all you can see are those sexual wellness programs. From infertility to easy and faster conception, these guy on the TV talk about everything. But if you look at the reality of these shows, they are perfect scripts made to capture the viewer's attention and convert them into customers. So if you are someone who has seen a TV program and that guy has told you to visit his clinic for you to get pregnant faster, do not go at any cost. When you tend to disturb the normal cycle of the body, it will bring in a lot of health issues in the later part of life. Are you will get pregnant at the cost of your life? This is not called a healthy pregnancy and most of the medical experts are against this practice. If you are having a feeling that your conception is taking longer than it has to be, then kindly visit the top gynecologist in Mumbai or any other city you belong to. This will give you a clear idea of what is going on with you and why there is a delay.

Here are some of the best practices for women who are preparing for conception:

  • Fitness is the key to a happy life and also a healthy life. Being physically active is very important and it can do a lot of good to you than you can imagine. According to one of the best hospital in Chennai for normal delivery, women who are fit have higher chances of normal delivery compared to ones who are overweight. Here overweight is one of the factors of being physically unhealthy and there are other factors like being diabetic, thyroid problems etc.
  • Poor eating and drinking habits. Apart from adding more fat to your body, eating unhealthy food or processed food can lead to heart diseases and drinking doesn't need any introduction as it is known to cause a lot of ill effects to our body.

Being unhealthy is easy but being healthy is difficult as you may need to forgo a lot of things which you might be loving.

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