Startbucks goes desi, introduces 'Masala Chai' and 'Filter Coffee' to its menu

Startbucks goes desi, introduces 'Masala Chai' and 'Filter Coffee' to its menu
From Filter Coffee to Masala Chai and Signature Milkshakes, Tata Starbucks launches regional favourites to cater to all your cravings. It has also introduced a new size 'Picco', which is a lovable take on how customers can enjoy their favourite coffee at an exciting price.
The exciting array of launches is a part of its strategy to drive growth and acquire new customers. The pilot will see the introduction of the New 'Picco' size for beverages, delicious South Indian Filter Coffee, a range of exciting Signature Milkshakes, Masala Chai, Cardamom Chai and a completely revamped food menu featuring Bite-sized snacks, shareable food and a range of freshly assembled sandwiches. The brand will also be unveiling a range of exciting price points through this launch.
Each of these launches is supported by a short film that connects the new innovations to a sweet personal moment of connection and warmth. These short films will go live in a staggered manner over the next fortnight.
The brand announced the launch of #ItStartsWithYourName, a multimedia, 360-degree campaign crafted specifically for customers across the cities of Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Indore and Bhopal to begin with. The campaign is a callout to all new customers to come and experience the warmth, personalization and strong sense of connection the brand offers.
As a people-first brand, Starbucks sees all its customers as people. It is celebrated for warmly greeting its customers by their name and making each interaction personal. The new campaign taps into the insight of, if you know a person's name, more so his/her 'special' name or name they were given by friends, relatives etc. you become closer to them. You break barriers and make them feel at home. The campaign celebrates this simple gesture, which welcomes each person walking into any Starbucks store across the country and makes the brand more inclusive.
The 'Filter Coffee' film celebrates the special relationship between a grandmother and grandson as they both enjoy a wonderful cup of South Indian filter coffee, as good as Daadi's, well almost.
The 'Masala Chai' film is a sweet tribute to families and shared memories over the perfect cup of tea, just the way mom makes it.
Introducing Starbucks Signature Milkshakes through the romance shared by a senior couple and demonstrating the revamped food menu through camaraderie between two friends as they share their food and have a great time; all films celebrate the special relationships customers have and the sweet moments in their lives.
Talking about the campaign, Sushant Dash, CEO, TATA Starbucks Pvt Ltd said, "At Tata Starbucks, we believe that meaningful relationships are rooted in thoughtfulness. We see people, not customers. in our stores, it starts with asking customers their names and goes beyond a cup of coffee. We believe in connecting with local audiences by identifying and acting on their specific needs. Through this campaign, we aim to form a closer connect with our customers and make them feel more welcome in our stores. Over the last decade, we have been fortunate to connect with a diverse group of customers in India and look forward to the road ahead as we address a newer set of customers."
Further discussing the campaign, Ashutosh Munshi, Head of Brand Edelman Asia Pacific and India said, "Brands today need to be for the people and guided by the people. In creating this campaign, we were inspired by TATA Starbucks' guiding value of seeing a customer beyond their order by asking for names; thereby taking the first step to know each of us that much better. #ItStartsWithYourName celebrates TATA Starbucks' service philosophy that fosters genuine connection, while also offering a product range that reflects customer preferences. We have articulated this in a brand film and various creative assets that evoke this sense of belonging that the Starbucks experience stands for."
Source: IANS