Six Desi and International Fusion Mouth Watering Delicacies

BENGALURU: Culinary world is something many of our taste buds would like to drown into. The food lovers go beyond the geographical limits to feast on legendary, traditional and modern dishes. However, there cannot be a blend of mixes especially with our desi tadka and topped with western spices and sauces. Here is a list of six “East meets West” dishes that you would like to savor on as compiled by

Tikka Tacos

There cannot be anything as rich as the combination of Indian with Mexican flavor. This good-looking dish can be prepared with in few minutes with simple tortillas or chapathis. Usually the Indian and Pakistani homemade dishes include chicken tikka. Many times when guests come, over for weekends, plenty of chicken tikka is cooked, and there could be leftovers. Here is Tikka Tacos that will not only reincarnate the leftovers but will be a delicacy for children or adults when they get back from school or work. For Tikka Tacos you can prepare simple tortillas or chapathis and have to beat it with Mexican taste by adding a dash of Salsa verde and Cotija cheese along with chicken or paneer tikka, raitha can also be poured on it. The toppings can be added of your choice, ranging from avocado, spring onions, tomatoes, or the fruit choices of your kids.

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