Revenge Travel to rescue the Wanderlust

Revenge Travel to rescue the Wanderlust

After being confined in the house range, many revenge travelers might feel more motivated to indulge themselves when leisure travel is an option again. The worldwide pandemic of covid-19 has made our life enough complicated and restricted. With all these complications and restrictions, people found out their ways to fight and survive. For some, exploring their passions of being creative, visiting their "to-be-read" pile, spending quality time with family and friends, to camp in their backyard, to name a few, could have become kind of an adventure. On top of all, everyone's dedication to being together against the pandemic and following the protocols are genuinely appreciating. Consequently, the world is getting out of it with the practice of a new normal lifestyle. With the vaccine rollout picking up pace, people are optimistic about the prospect of resuming their to-do list. 

The new normal lifestyle has introduced a novel concept for travelers, i.e., 'Revenge Travel'. Interestingly, it is neither threatening nor illegitimate as it sounds. It doesn't have to do anything with violence; instead, it has been sprouted from the idea of resuming their travelogue after being stuck at home for a long time. The phrase 'Revenge Travel' was made up the previous year in the rouse of the pandemic and is being put into practice now. Well, 'revenge' means getting back at someone, but in this case, it's getting back at something, and then something is travel. Indeed, 'Revenge Travel' is a weird juxtaposition and expresses the real excitement of the travel seekers. Being struck by wanderlust and advised to stay home and stay safe for over a year, getting back into the world could be vengeance for those gone days. Travel bugs have begun planning their next trip, though leisure travel would not be similar as it was before the pandemic. It considers some compliance with safety measures to keep the people safe. 

This Time its Far Far Away

The idea of post-pandemic travel is expected to fulfill the urge to travel by going on longer and farther trips. It could also revive the travel industry with an enormous outpouring in bookings in the second half of the year. Furthermore, travelers would be looking for expensive and more adventurous vacations than the monotonous and prolonged coronavirus quarantine. While it could have some contrary consequences, it can be a blessing to the travel and hospitality segment if done with proper cautions. The demand for in-flight/train and hotel bookings has been predicted by the stakeholders directing a boom in the travel industry. "Travelers, all across the world, laying out their plans for 'revenge travel' would stimulate a massive boom in the travel industry. However, post-pandemic travel might be costly due to the rising air/train and hotel fares. The increasing cost is due to the additional safety gears and accessories while traveling, such as the cost of PPE kits for air travel, sanitization of the hotel, etc.," says Dinesh Kumar Kotha, Co-Founder CEO, Confirmtkt. (Source- IANS) The rising expense of travel or accommodation may not be an obstacle for the revenge travelers; that is why a boom in the travel industry is positively around the corner. 

Some Essentials for a Safe Travel

Before resuming any trip, travelers need to follow some basic and vital travel guidelines and safety standards to ensure that people are and feel safe. To begin and sustain the new normal, the certification of the vaccination status of the travelers is mandatory. In addition, the passengers are also supposed to carry an RT-PCR test negative report and undergo health screening at the airport/railway station. One more important thing that needs to be noticed is that the meal services on flights and trains station would be prohibited. Regardless of the anxiety due to the second wave of the virus, travel buffs are expecting some moderations in limitations regarding travel by the end of the year, demonstrating long-distance travel plans post-vaccination. Part of the protocols includes the use of masks, smear of the hand sanitizers at frequent intervals of time, avoiding touchpoints, and maintaining distance among the public.

Most travel experts assume travel to re-open gradually rather than altogether. Some countries are relaxing the restrictions early on and others late to follow. At travelers' destinations, attractions and local protocols are modifying in phases, too. Remember, even though travelers are vaccinated, not all other people will be at the destination. The World Travel and Tourism Council has developed a broad range of protocols to cover the new normal for providers as diverse as airlines, shops, hotels, and restaurants. Cleaning, sanitization, protective equipment such as masks, screening tools such as thermal and infrared scanners, and reduced touchpoints and queuing would smooth the travel experience for a post-pandemic time. Hence, putting the precautions in effect would help sustain travel, prevent the spread of the disease, and take care of ourselves and our surroundings. 

Re-born Destinations

The pandemic enforced the most significant downturn the travel and hotel industry has ever seen for almost a year. Under the economic pressure, smaller firms hit harder than larger businesses; re-opening the traveling sector would reshape many small, independent guesthouses and eateries struggling to survive. In an attempt to Revenge Travel, the spirit of Indian explorers seems to be certainly influenced as they are planned to visit nearby destinations. Lately, India has begun many travel corridors with countries worldwide, so international travel would soon be in practice while being limited as well. Among the countries that India has joined forces for the travel corridors are the USA, the UK, Tanzania, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, etc. As of now, domestic travel is one of the best options for travelers. Being a household for pretty much one and a half years has made the explorers thirsting for adventure and wide-open spaces. Therefore, many will probably head out to the hills and wilds, maintaining the distance from crowds. Eventually, travelers foresee a future of secure, safe, smooth travel with the providence of an authentic and meaningful experience that supports the livelihoods of millions and influences sustainable economic growth.