Relaxing Decorative Ideas for Pleasant & Cozy Homes to Beat the Pandemic Stress


As we slowly began to relax after the first wave of Covid-19, its second wave has struck us relentlessly and bolted us up in our residence all over again. But, this time the scenario is more severe with other lethal fungal infections accompanying the contagious Covid. Alongside the intensifying virus spread, we step out of our home unnecessarily is not be just unsafe but an irresponsible act as well. But then again, prolonged indoor with every possible chore including official and personal tasks all being restricted into a closed zone could be stressful to our mental health, which could be as serious as the deadly Covid itself.  

On pandemic induced mental stress, Dr Shubha Madhusudhan, clinical psychologist, Fortis Hospitals, states that there is about 75 percent surge in the number of weekly patients in a couple of weeks in the post the pandemic. Dr Shubha says that the triggers for a mental health crisis could be financial issues, the encounter of infidelity in marriage and a general feel of being stuck in the confines of toxic households. “There are business people who have lost lakhs of rupees and gone into shock or stopped speaking with family members. Others are being mistreated by family members for incurring losses and come for therapy as an escape,” she adds. (Source:TOI)

As the scenario get worst, and we get to know the only the option left for us is to get cosy at our home and make all the possible changes that could please and relax our mind by keeping the stress and anxiety at bay.

This scenario may stay until every one of us get vaccinated or even longer! Thus, here we present a few tips to make your home ambience cosy that would aid in maintaining stable and relaxed mental health.

Bright Home Environment 


Usually, it is popularly said that bright colour aid in lightening up our mood. However, in this stressful scenario, we cannot opt to paint our walls, still, we can add on a lot of colourful by using bright cushions, drapes, lighting such as floor lamps, decorative wall mount lamps, soft toys and many more as the list goes on with the person's creativity.

Alongside, not to forget the live plants which would not just lift the home ambience but would also give fresh air and pleasant feeling. Include a lot of comforting effect of favourite accessories by bunching them together to create a focal point. Then, every time you pass by, you can take in the combined joy of the items. But, Be certain to choose a place you notice every day, like fireplace mantel or entryway console table.

Decorative Stuff of Your Choice


This could be one of the best steps to decorate one’s home with their favourite stuff to make them feel cosy and comfortable. For instance, if one prefers reading then they could prepare a house library, and for the movie lovers they could build set up a house cinema. Likewise, one could indulge in spending a lot of time developing their hobby. This would certainly aid oneself in relaxing, in fact, it would make them love staying at home. 

Reform & Rearrange


Homes being clean and organized would help you enjoy being home. Longer, home stays means certain messy homes. Thus, the first thing to do is clean. Make a day out of it and indulge in some cleaning task! Not only it would give a productive feel, but would also make your home a place you want to actually spend time in. To revive your space, consider re-organize your set-up. Shifting your bed to another wall, re-organizing a bookcase, or setting up a reading nook by your window could change the room. Swiftly, it’s not the same old place you’ve been wanting to escape.

Dark Nights & Candles


A perfect combo to go for and the fastest way to a cosy evening is candles. Candles appeal two crucial senses: sight and smell. The warm light creates a calming atmosphere and the smell similarly inspires an environment of serenity. If candles are not available, consider ordering something online with the essence of apple, lemon, vetiver, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, and sage. These are smells connected with reducing stress and anxiety.

Floral Decoration


Flower bunches, vase arangements, or a few houseplants would pave the way for fresh air into a room. For an easy, spa-inspired centrepiece, one could fill a wide, shallow bowl about halfway with water and floating some of your favorite blooms on the surface. If the wilted petals and neglected plants are the concern then the dried flowers or hearty houseplants could be opted and keep the fresh flowers for special occasions.

Set up a Relaxing Bedroom


Relaxing bedroom is the key to get an improved sleep quality thus one could consider renovating their bedroom. There could be nothing more soothing than slipping into crisp, clean, high thread count sheets, after a long day. To strech the calming effect beyond your bed, keep only the most required thing within reach and within view. Adding artwork on the wall could also be a best thing to bring a smile on your face.