Novo Nordisk & Health2Sync Combined to Introduce Digital Diabetes Management for Healthcare Providers & Patients

Novo Nordisk & Health2Sync Combined to Introduce Digital Diabetes Management for Healthcare Providers & Patients

A leading Danish multinational pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is teaming up with the Taiwan-headquartered diabetes management service provider Health2Sync to support digital diabetes management and facilitate communication between diabetics and healthcare providers. The two companies agreed to support the localization and promotion of the SyncHealth App and web platform for patient management.

The main motive is to keep a constant vigilance in making the right lifestyle choices and remembering to take medications for the people who are living with diabetes. Health2Sync bridges the lengthy gap between doctor visits by enabling frequent digital touch points between patients and healthcare providers. Through its behavioural AI engine, the App can provide hints and nudges concerning meals, exercise, and blood glucose management, delivered in a compelling and friendly way that encourages users to stay adherent to their treatment plans.

"At Novo Nordisk we are guided by our patient-centred business approach," says John Dawber, Vice President, Novo Nordisk. "When we met the team from Health2Sync, it was clear that we have a shared mission in improving outcomes for people with diabetes. With this partnership, combining the passion and commitment of both organizations, we believe we will demonstrate shared value for the patient, the physician, and the Japanese Healthcare provider," he adds.

"We are excited to be partnering with Novo Nordisk in Japan, where the market is receptive to innovation at improving treatment process and patient experiences," says Ed Deng, CEO, Health2Sync.

As part of the partnership, Novo Nordisk will support the distribution and adoption of the SyncHealth App and healthcare provider platform in Japan. In the future, Novo Nordisk aims to wirelessly connect its insulin delivery devices, enabling auto data recording of self-injected insulin.

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