Most Classic Wedding Cakes Of All Times!

Dainty Dots

The minute features of this cake are simply brilliant. Its sugary roses placed on the sides speak of the excellent work that has been gone into this piece of art. It has been sculpted in a way that the fallen petals from the roses give a delicate, romantic feel for a perfect wedding occasion. The two-tone ribbon goes well with the icing leaving that smooth finish to the cake. Peggy Porschen, the maker of this elegant wedding cake often deals with celebrities and royal clients, and provides them with the finest wedding cakes.


Classic Rose Sponge

This beauty wears a lacy chain of icy roses that complements the classy appearance of Classic Rose Sponge. The three-tier cake is lined with rich, not-too-sweet butter cream which is light on the taste buds. Nobody would demand for a bargain on this one because of its pricey chic-look.

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