Memory Care Homes for the elderly

Memory Care Homes for the elderly

Ailments associated with memory, especially Alzheimer's disease and Dementia, are common among the elderly. While these ailments have no peculiar pattern for their onset among senior citizens, there are ways the symptoms of these memory disorders can be dealt with. One of them is a Memory Care Home.

A Memory Care Home is a dedicated facility that offers services to aid the unique care needs of seniors suffering from Alzheimer's disease or disparate forms of Dementia. A focused approach towards administering care and providing enriching activities that stimulate cognition and improves quality of life, helps residents maintain skills for the smooth functioning of their daily lives.

Why a Memory Care Home?

Designed to provide a safe, structured environment with set routines, such elderly homes aim at reducing the stress for people with memory ailments. The caregiving team -- specially trained to deal with the unique issues arising due to such ailments -- provides nutritious meals, physiotherapy, counselling and helps the residents with personal care tasks. They check on the residents' well-being more frequently and provide extra support and structure to help them navigate their day.

Difference between a Memory Care Home and an Assisted Living Facility

Akin to Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care Homes provide housing, supervised care, meal services, and help the elderly with daily tasks, including hygiene and mobility, among others. The major distinction between them is that Memory Care Homes specialize in caring for people with ailments associated with memory loss.

This makes it mandatory for such spaces to have a distinctive infrastructure -- both tangible and intangible. The staff is well-equipped to accommodate the unique needs of the residents such as providing 24-hour monitoring, care, and supervision; caregivers trained in dementia techniques, specific memory-enhancing activities and therapies; and an overall safe and secure environment.

Antara, is one such Memory Care Home, caring for seniors from the Max Group. It draws from the group's core values and is a blend of reliability and security, its one-of-a-kind.

Providing state-of-the-art infrastructure with enhanced physical safety rooms, common spaces with grab bars and anti-skid flooring, Emergency Response System (Nurse Call buttons), memory wall to enable family recognition and green open area for activities; comprehensive memory care through a staff comprising General Physician, Dietician, Psychological Counsellor, Physiotherapist to manage the triggers, the progression speed of the ailments and existing damage to the brain; customized care plan for each resident co-created by doctors focusing on behavioural activities such as art and music therapy, and continuous engagement for brain simulation.

Source: IANS