H&M and Mugler celebrate their collaboration

H&M and Mugler celebrate their collaboration
H&M and Mugler hosted a cultural event on April 19 at the Park Avenue Armoury in Manhattan, New York City, to commemorate the impending release of their eagerly anticipated collection. The event featured fashion, music, performance, and entertainment. Pamela Anderson, Charli XCX, Chloe Sevigny, Lourdes Leon, and Dominique Jackson were among the Mugler community members who attended the event and donned Mugler H&M collection clothing.
Shygirl, Amaarae, and Eartheater, three musicians who appear in the Mugler H&M music video and who all wore special pieces from the new collection, performed as a group during the event. Before joining together to sing a new rendition of the 1990s club smash "Music Sounds Better With You," a song especially commissioned in honour of the Mugler H&M line, each artist played a number of their own successes.
A fashion presentation, dance performances, and DJ sets by Bobby Beethoven, Goth Jafar, and Asmara were interspersed with the performances during an after-party. The event was designed as a unique hybrid, fusing dance, club culture, live performance, sound, and fashion while paying homage to the theatricality and flamboyance that have distinguished the house from the time it was founded by Thierry Mugler to its current incarnation under Casey Cadwallader. The event, which drew over 800 attendees, perfectly captured Mugler's commitment to diversity and inclusivity as well as the democratic attitude that guides its designer partnerships with H&M.
"Mugler has always been a house with a lot of cultural soul, and this event was a celebration of our long association with music, dance and performance. It was the ideal celebration of the Mugler H&M collection, and the perfect way to welcome people into our world - an unforgettable night built around freedom, personal expression and liberating, bold fashion," says Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director at Mugler.
"This event was a true cultural moment - a tribute to Mugler's long history of welcoming people into a world of transformation and self-expression. When you think of Mugler you think of show-stopping fashion and catwalk theatrics, and this was just that," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative advisor at H&M.
"It felt amazing to be performing in the Mugler H&M collection. When you think of the history of Mugler you think of so many iconic musical moments and incredible performances, so it's an honour to be included in Casey's vision for this special celebration," says Shygirl.
Source: IANS