Hilarious List of Products Involuntarily Endorsed by Celebrities

BENGALURU: The biggest celebrities in our country are movie stars and cricketers. Unlike other countries, celebrities are worshipped here where fans follow almost everything they do - starting from copying their dressing/hair style, their accent to the kind of vehicles they ride. Business people try to exploit this large fan-base by making celebrities endorse their products. With such a scenario, let’s take a look at some products which celebrities are involuntarily endorsing.

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt – The Manorama Year Book

How? One wonders. How can one not know who the President of their country is? Well it turns out there are such people out there and if you think it’s those poor illiterate souls, think again. Two of the biggest celebrity kids in town were so dumb that one thought the Prime Minister handled both the posts while the other elevated the CM of a state to the post of the first man of the country. We have all been on Alia’s case for far too long, let the poor girl be. Our main culprit here though, is Bollywood’s hothead - Varun Dhawan, who can’t even pronounce the word ‘pollution’ right (watch the Ponds add if you don’t take my word for it). The guy thought Manmohan Singh was our President. Ever since then celebrities and the regular folk alike, have been trying to get their hands on the Manorama Year Book to hone their general knowledge, lest they too be stuck in such embarrassing situations.

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