Causes of Dandruff and Simple idea to get Rid of this Problem

Causes of Dandruff and Simple idea to get Rid of this Problem

At some stage or other almost everybody has a problem with dandruff. Dandruff is a condition in which the skin of the scalp starts to flake. Many people may have only a mild form of dandruff which is not very noticeable, but for other people it can seem like they have a "snowstorm" of dandruff that showers down onto their shoulders. This can be embarrassing for people who become self-conscious about their condition.

We shed skin all the time from all over our bodies, and this is a normal part of biology which happens all of the time. Dandruff however is when the cells of the skin come off in quite large and obvious flakes. Medically the condition is called seborrheic dermatitis and your skin may also feel itchy. Pieces of dandruff will often be seen also sticking to the hair on your head.

Dandruff usually is not a problem and does not directly lead to loss of hair or balding. However, dandruff can aggravate hair loss in people who already have a problem with thinning hair and bald spots. This is partly due to the itching of the scalp that can cause people to scratch their heads, which can cause damage to delicate hair follicles.

Some men who have androgenetic alopecia do seem to lose hair more quickly if they have dandruff, which is a good reason to treat it. There are also options for people who have problems with hair loss. Consultation with specialists at clinics such as the Vera Clinic, can be useful in helping people to decide what they can do about problems related to hair loss.

What causes dandruff to happen?

If you have dry skin then you can end up with dandruff. Other causes include fungal infections and even not using shampoo often enough. A rather unexpected cause of dandruff is medications. Some prescription medications such as Depakote can even lead to severe dandruff and a rash on the skin. This can result in a dangerous condition called Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which is actually a very severe allergic reaction that is a bad side-effect of certain medication.

If you do find that you suddenly experience severe dandruff then you should check with your doctor, particularly if the skin also flakes from other parts of your body as well, and if the flakes are larger than usual. This is because the dandruff can actually be a result of a drug allergy which can, as previously mentioned, be quite dangerous.

For most of us, though, we do not need to worry and can use an anti-dandruff shampoo to help control the dandruff problem. Psoriasis and eczema are two other skin problems that can lead to dandruff. Consulting with a dermatologist is a good idea if you find that using shampoos does not help and if you find that the problem gets worse.

If you do still struggle with dandruff it is a good idea not to wear dark-colored shirts, blouses or jackets, as this simply makes the flakes of skin stand out.