Biden to present 2021 National Humanities Medals to Indian-American Mindy Kaling

Biden to present 2021 National Humanities Medals to Indian-American Mindy Kaling
US President Joe Biden would present the 2021 National Humanities Medals to Indian American Vera Mindy Chokalingam, known professionally as Mindy Kaling, the White House announced 
The National Medal of Arts is the highest award given to artists, arts patrons, and groups by the US government and honors exemplary individuals and organisations that have advanced the arts in America and offered inspiration to others through their distinguished achievement, support or patronage.
It honors individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities and broadened citizens’ engagement with history, literature, languages, philosophy, and other humanities subjects, the White House said. Biden would present both the awards to more than a dozen recipients at the White House.
"Imbued with humour and heart, Mindy Kaling’s work across television, film, and books inspires and delights capturing and elevating the experiences of women and girls across our Nation," the White House said, releasing the list of 2021 National Medal of Arts Participants. Among other participants are Judith Francisca Baca, Fred Eychaner, Jose Feliciano, Gladys Knight, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Antonio Martorell Cardona, Joan Shigekawa, Bruce Springsteen, Vera Wang, The Billie Holiday Theatre, and the International Association of Blacks in Dance.
The recipients for 2021 National Humanities Medal are Richard Blanco, Johnnetta Betsch Cole, Walter Isaacson, Earl Lewis, Henrietta Mann, Ann Patchett, Bryan Stevenson, Amy Tan, Tara Westover, Colson Whitehead and Native America Calling.
The President previously awarded a National Humanities Medal to Sir Elton John in September 2022, during a White House event, “A Night When Hope and History Rhyme.” First Lady Jill Biden will attend the ceremony as well.