Best Workwear Brands for Women to Outshine your Co-workers

  1. KNYA

Apt for the contemporary wardrobe with its workwear set, KNYA majorly focuses on the comfort and style. Style, Sophistication and Sincerity are the driving forces at KNYA. By offering minimal and clean aesthetics, KNYA gives that choice to prefer clothes that goes well with her work/life balance. Updating their collection with the latest fashion fads, KNYA bestows that audacity to achieve dreams with boldness and strength. With KNYA, you can step up your chic style look or you can stay classy by dressing up sharp. They offer shirts, tops, bottoms and accessories like earrings, necklaces, rings, scarves and caps to compliment the outfit.

  1. Salt Attire

One of their key focuses was to get the sizing right and staying true to that, they have three kinds of sizing: Fitted, Straight and Comfort. Their collection stretches from pants, shirts, dresses, skirts and tops. Claiming that they’ve talked with over 500 working women to understand the need especially with the desired attires, Salt Attire makes sure that their attires can be worn not only in office, but also for other official programmes. The simple, smart and sophisticated work attires from Salt Attire gives you that ‘feel good’ feeling on your skin too along with the looks. Salt Attire is keen on their clothes and their polyesters are light weight, all weather, easy to maintain and wrinkle free.