Best Sustainable African Safari Parks

Damaraland (Namibia)

Damaraland is an area which is uninhabited that sits between the Skeleton Coast, Etosha and the remote Kaokoveld. The sceneries here are quite breathtaking and the amazing wildlife safari displays the luxury of desert adventures, cultural safaris and even honeymoons. The wildlife in the park is unrestricted and roam-free for the wild animals.

In 1991, the Namibian government shared the local communities the rights to the land and the wildlife. At present, there are more than 70 conservancies working towards increasing the wildlife populations in the continent. Damaraland is now home to many large mammals including the desert-adapted elephant, the rare mountain zebra, the endangered black rhino and even lions. A safari here is the best way to spot these animals and the Damaraland camp is now an example for other communities and conservationists throughout the continent.