Bangalore Trends as the city becomes pink trumpets bloom

Bangalore Trends as the city becomes pink trumpets bloom
Pink trumpet flowers silhouetted against the sky are the craze in Bengaluru these days. Every morning when I head out to start my day, my heart blooms instantly at the sight of pink cherry bloom flowers. Standing in front of the blossoming pink trees at the bus stop these mornings has been incredibly reviving. Seeing lots of beautiful pink trumpet-shaped blooms coated up against the deep blue sky is not only soothing to the eyes but even the soul. As one flower begins to gradually separate from the others and fall through the air, there's an extra layer of beauty and serenity added to the moment. Undoubtedly, since the sight of it, the pink trumpet flower tree is my favorite flowering tree species now, and I look forward to its annual blossoming now, as if it were a special ritual. Even photographers and social media users, eagerly await the moment when it turns into a vibrant show every year. The city changes dramatically throughout this time, and photos and videos captured and recorded through cameras and drones are shared to show off its stunning and varied colors. Tabebuia Avellanedae is rather unremarkable, but as soon as the days grow shorter and the shadows grow longer in the later weeks, it begins to lose its leaves one by one. The flower buds start to emerge as the leaves start to fall. Before revealing their stunning pink splendor, the leaves are all an exquisite shade of green.

The Tabebuia Avellanedae, a South American import, is also known as the "pink trumpet" or "pink lapacho" tree. Its two close relatives, the Tabebuia rosea and Tabebuia argentea, also bloom in Bengaluru in the early spring.   As they had done in their other colonies across the world, the British initially introduced the trees in the city as part of a stylized colonial botanical aesthetic that favoured bright, decorative exotic species like this one above the native ones.

In Japan, the springtime blooming of the cherry blossoms is a phenomenon deserving of its own festival and verb. The Japanese practise of mindfully viewing and appreciating flowers and their fleeting beauty, mainly sakura or cherry blossoms, is known as Hanami. Similar to this, I feel as though I am doing hanami anytime I am in the vicinity of these pink trumpet flowers, but it's not just their blossoming that strikes me as amazing. Before embracing their vibrant pink flowers, the trees shed their leaves, which serves as a gentle reminder to me that renunciation does not necessarily signify loss but rather new beginnings. After all, the pink trumpet tree's inner bark is highly prized for its medicinal properties in its native South America, where it was formerly thought to be the sacred tree and medicine of the Mayans.

Once again, this time of year, Bengaluru's streets are lined with trees that resemble cherry blossoms, transforming the city into a frenzy of colors.

Cubbon Park

One can visit the city's renowned Cubbon Park to see the blooming pink of the city. Spend some time in the comfort of the magnificent pink trumpet trees in the park by taking a bike ride or a lengthy walk.


It is well worth the journey to see the pink-hued trees in blossom that line the roadside!

AECS Layout, Brookfield

On a regular day, AECS Layout is largely comprised of congested roads. The roads are now an amazing pleasure to drive along because they are painted in pink and lavender tones.

Silk Board

The only time we'll actively choose to travel through Silk Board is right now, when the peaceful scenery will help us cope with the traffic.


Yelahanka comes highly recommended for drive around the neighbourhood for people who enjoy driving their cars to see the bloom that adds a burst of vibrant colour to the roads. The flowers dominate the appearance of the streets, ranging in colour from the palest pink to the darkest shade.

Wrapping up

Namma Bengaluru Doused in Pink, Lets grab our camera and take long walks in the wholesome weather as pink trumpets shade you.