Baleno Outshines on Outdoors

Maruti Baleno

Maruti Suzuki has gone all Innovative to to promote its newly-launched premium hatchback Baleno.

The brand idea for Baleno is ‘ Made of Mettle ‘ with a innovative use of the word ’Mettle’. The brand stands out with the use of Metal that reinforces its bold and aggressive look. To bring this USP to life, a first of its kind initiative has been launched on outdoors with the use of technology.

The Outdoor Campaign used high grade diffusion surfaces (Flex, Acrylic) as per the need with appropriate graphics printed on high resolution UV/ Latex m/c3 layers of weather proofing for protection from adversities like Heat, Moisture, Humidity and Rain.

The campaign also used High Speed RISC Micro-Controllers & processors for synchronization and Multi-tasking. Processors are hard coded with assembly language codes to make it ultra compact yet a powerful device which is easily integrable into the signage.

The embedded firmware devices are powered by solid state switches, employing advanced MOSFETs/ Darlington pairs to ensure high reliability, durability, accuracy, extremely high speeds and low power consumption.

The idea of working on the Dynamic Digital Signage was to bring the USP of the model to life. The campaign highlights the Metal made body of the car that is all shining and grabs attention. The Outdoor has been successful in conveying the idea of the brand’s message ‘Made of Mettle ‘.

The company has initiated a multimedia advertising campaign using innovation as the key to create the difference and break the clutter. Outdoor has been harnessed to bring the campaign message alive. The Outdoor Campaign which has garnered a lot of buzz with its high impact and irresistible visibility is already the talk of the town.

The Outdoor Innovation executed at Nehru Place looks stunning and the dynamic digital signage has been giving the spectators a feel of a video playing the entire ad. With the metal portion specifically highlighted during night shot, makes it a must view. The look and feel of the Outdoor ad simply stands for the products image i.e makes it looks premium, bold, aggressive and undoubtedly irresistibly compelling.

The innovation has been executed by Laqshya Media Group and has garnered a lot of media buzz. Campaigns like these that uses cutting edge digital technology reinforces the brands prominence and stature. To get noticed, advertisers sometimes need to do something out of the ordinary and what better than an innovative way to illustrate the message using digital signage.

The Innovation stands out and the Market leader continues to stay ahead of its competitors with Outdoor Campaigns that showcases its message loud and how!

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