Wine-lovers, Get Ready to Sip Wine & Stomp Grapes at these Wine Festivals

1. Sula Fest

Combining music and wine to the perfect blend is Sula Fest – a much awaited wine tasting festival in India. Sula Fest draws people from all parts of India and abroad to this mesmerizing one-of-a-kind wine festival. With over 10,000+ attendees in the latest edition of the festival, Sula Fest witnesses thrilling acts from a group of Indian and foreign music artists. Happens during the month of February, everyone can indulge in partying, eating and shopping and if you’re a wine lover, you can go on a wine tour to learn and understand about wines. Located at Nashik, the weather during the Sula Wine Festival is perfect for a weekend getaway. And for people who don’t like leaving a place without a souvenir in hand, can experience shopping at Sula Flea market and the Sula Wine shop.