Watch Out for These 7 New Dazzling SUVs Coming to India

Bangalore: The year 2012 saw a new trend on the rise in Indian automobile markets- the SUVs and MPVs. And auto experts now believe that this trend will continue to dominate in 2013. With the ‘dusters’ and ‘fortuners’ dominating the Indian market last year, 2013 is surely going to be a year of excitement for SUV and MPV fans as there is a hot new list of crossovers arriving this year. So hold on to your seats, as we take a look at some of the hottest new SUVs headed over to buzz the Indian markets this year, as compiled by


Ford EcoSport:

Ford’s latest compact SUV, the EcoSport has already been on the news for its eye catching design. The company has announced that the SUV will get it launch by early 2013. The vehicle is primarily based on the Ford’s global B-platform which also brought the new Fiesta. The company has already started boasting on the SUV’s exceptional ride quality and cutting corner capabilities, which can come handy in tight traffic.

Ford is expecting to launch the SUV in two versions, the 1.5L diesel motor and the 1.0L EcoBoost gasoline engine. Experts certify that this mammoth is for sure to deliver an unprecedented experience, blended with performance cum mileage.

The exteriors are simply daring, with raised bonnet line and super-smart wraparound rear windscreen.

When it comes to length and size, the Ford EcoSport can be credited as a mid compact SUV and according to the company, the ride is tagged somewhere around 7,00,000. The official launch of the Ford EcoSport is projected somewhere around mid-March or April.


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