Top 5 Must Visit Space/Science Museums for Kids

Times have changed now, decades ago kids used to sing the classic nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and now kids of that age started dreaming of satellites and other objects. Earlier this year, ISRO launched India’s first student-made satellite, ‘Kalam SAT’ in its first space programme for 2019 shows how pumped up the kids of this generation are. Gone are the days, when kids used to cry to visit the amusement parks, or go to watch their favourite cartoon character in the movie theatres. Nowadays the Gen X/Gen Y parents take their children to the nearby space or science museums to educate their kids about the ever-evolving space journey and also to keep them well aware of the outer world. All ages find the space exploration centres engaging as it brings out the curiosity factor inside us. Remember, life is a purpose and gaining knowledge keeps us moving.

The terms ‘aliens’, ‘Life at Mars’ always embark a spark in the innocent minds to explore more about the world above you and maybe he/she will be the one who’s gonna re-write the history books with the greatest discovery of all time. Kids from India has always performed well in the international stage especially in the outer space department and this proves the fact that with the right type of education and knowledge, India can still contribute a lot to the science world who can make a huge difference. Enough said, let’s check out the most renowned space and science museums in the country that gives out top-class information regarding the space research that is happening around the globe. In order to sow the seeds in kids, these space/science museums can help in a great deal to generate that ignition they needed. Don’t forget to plan a visit with your family to these outstanding space/science museums when you’re in town.

1.  HAL Aerospace Museum (Bengaluru, Karnataka)

Founded in 2001, the HAL Aerospace Museum is the country’s first aerospace museum. The Museum is part of the HAL Heritage Center and Aero Space Museum and is located at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) area in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The Museum displays the growth of Indian aviation industry and HAL for the past six decades. It also showcases various kinds of aircrafts and helicopters, Aircraft engine models, flight simulators, an Air Traffic Control tower as well. It is a virtual fantasyland for all the aviation lovers and it gives you memories to cherish for even if you’re not a history buff.

Spread out over four acres of lush green land, the museum has two major halls, one shows the growth of aviation and the other showcases the operations of an Aero Engine and more. The Museum is open to public from 9AM to 5PM on all days throughout the year. Visitors of all ages can explore and see what it would be like to fly through the skies and have practical feel of flying fighter jets & commercial aircraft.