This is How Volvo Cars will Communicate with Each Other

BENGALURU: The Swedish automobile manufacturer, Volvo announced that by the end of this year, all the European Volvo 90 series cars will be equipped with a car to car communication technology. The technology will not only assist drivers by warning about potential hazards on the road, but also allows similarly equipped cars to send and receive warnings to one another.

The warnings will include sending out alerts about poor road conditions and alerting nearby cars - making them aware that there might be a problem on the way. The company revealed its future planning during the introduction of the new V90 Cross Country, which will be one of the first models that will receive the latest communication technology. The new technology co-developed with Ericsson, allows communication between the cars on a cloud-based platform where vehicles will need an active data connection to the internet.

The company’s new communication technology will be introduced in the S90, XC90, and V90 with wireless communication tech built in. The cars will also have an ability to automatically activate hazard lights during incidents, further warning other cars via Cloud.

Though Volvo is the third car-maker after Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to leverage M2M technology to enable their selective models interact with each other, new automakers rolling out similar features is noteworthy.

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