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The questions you must ask before buying a mattress

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 12:42 Hrs
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Sleeping is necessary and everyone loves sleeping and it is also good for the health of a person. And since the time spent in sleeping is long you should think well about the type of mattress to buy.

Before you buy a mattress you must first understand what is contained in a mattress. Nowadays mattresses are made of memory foam, innerspring coils or a combination of these two. The innerspring mattresses also contain polyurethane form above the coils which improves comfort. Currently there is also a gel memory foam mattress which is becoming popular because its vescoelastic properties are similar to those of the common memory foam mattress and it is more breathable and lets one stay cooler when sleeping.

The next question you must ask before you buy a mattress is where you should buy it. Buying a mattress is a unique shopping experience. At thebest-mattress.org for instance you will meet a store associate who will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of every type of mattress available. There are so many flavors of mattresses and one company’s understanding of firm can be the definition of soft in another mattress selling company. So you should consider trying it out first before you purchase it. Many stores allow a few days return policy whereby you can be given another new mattress for free incase the one you buy does not function the way you were promised.

The next question you should ask before purchasing a mattress is about dust mites and bedbugs. These are common in most houses and they eat the dead skin cells that human being shed after sometime. There can be so many of them lurking in mattresses and their feces are the problem and not them. It is hard to get rid of them but they can be minimized through laundering the bed sheets often by using hot water and cleaning the mattress as well. It is recommended to also encase your pillows and mattress with a hypoallergenic dust mite cover.

The next thing you should know before buying a mattress is about chemicals. Mattresses like those made over ten years back contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers which is a chemical that is used as a flame retardant. The mattress companies could use this chemical in order to meet the required mattress retardant standards. The only disadvantage of this chemical is that it is good at hormone disruption and it lowers fertility and affects the development of the brain. Because of this, polybrominated diphenyl ethers chemical has been banned in some countries. However the problem does not end there since mattresses also emit so many chemicals which are harmful though it is not easy to identify their specific effects. This is why you should consider non chemical or organic mattress options.

Before buying a mattress you should also ask if green alternatives are available. To lower the exposure to chemicals that traditional mattresses have, you can consider natural latex, wool organic or cotton mattresses. These are mattresses that are made out of rubber trees and they are biodegradable. They may be quite expensive but they will help you get more comfort and peace of mind when sleeping.

Another question you need to ask before buying a mattress is whether the mattress has proper motion separation. This is necessary to ask if you share a bed with someone. Motion separation helps in keeping your bedmate’s motions from vibrating towards your side allowing you to have an uninterrupted sleep.

You can also ask about temperature regulation before purchasing a mattress. There are some mattresses that contain materials that can hold so much heat which make it too hot for you to sleep. Instead consider mattresses that are made up of materials that can dissipate the body heat.

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