The Art of Mindfulness

By Imelda Tarzarina, Content Writer, Siliconindia   |   Thursday, 06 September 2018, 06:20 Hrs
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Rejuvenating self-connect Fostering Holistic Development

“All we really have in life is this moment. No, wait – this moment. Actually this moment. Well really it’s this moment...” - Christopher Rivas

Beginning on that note, imagine being seated in a calm comfortable place, the very corner you like best, forgetting the hubbubs of the world for a few minutes. Narrowing down the vastness of space to just this little being- ‘yourself,’ converging into your thoughts the constant recognition of your breath, every little moment you begin to feel the air that fills within. Noticing every movement your body makes, your mind begins to wander off, and then you realize soon bringing yourself back to every calm deep breath you take. This is the moment, ‘the present’ and the only one that matters. You have begun a connection with yourself, a long-lost one that wandered off into the busy rosters of everyday life. The importance of ‘now’ has changed the actions of the following moments.


‘Mindfulness’ is that- Being fully present and attentive to the current moment. While inculcating this practice one develops the art of creating space for oneself, the space to think, breathe and the space between oneself and one’s actions. Considering this as a practice that amends daily functioning, over considerably long periods of time, scientists believed that brain was the only part of your body which did not generate any new cells. This premise was proved wrong by various researches done on mindfulness which proved that with regular practice of mindful meditation, the brain produced new cells that enabled people to fight stress and negativity enhancing coping capacity and improved overall health, both physically and mentally.

Further advancements in research studies provided insights on how mindfulness as a practice was associated to brain neuro-plasticity and increased cortical thickness especially in areas of the prefrontal cortex that are responsible for decision making and cognitive processing. Furthermore, a research conducted by Andrew J Howell, a clinical psychologist from Canada (Grant MacEwan College), tested predictions that well-being and mindfulness are positively associated with sleep-quality and a morning circadian preference. Other studies have shown positive correlations between mindfulness, emotional regulation and performance. These studies have all drawn significant patterns between the effectiveness of mindfulness and aspects of everyday living.

Following the practice of acknowledging one’s very ‘being’ consciously while actively paying attention to the tiny movements and thoughts, draws a sense of understanding oneself in a deeper context, allowing a person to realize the complex systems put in place to form the self. It further instills a sense of self-importance that aids positivity, embracing a sense of calmness with an aura of enthusiasm. During the process of getting to connect with oneself, practicing mindfulness fosters poise and nurtures healthier and much more understanding relationships on a social scale. In the words of Jyothi Shamsunder (Mindfulness & Neuroscience in Leadership Coach from Bangalore), “The regular practice of Mindfulness nurtures virtues like kindness to self, compassion, and gratitude. In a world filled with violence, distrust, and unhappiness, it helps people lead peaceful and healthy lives.”

Whether its corporate demands that overpower psychological sustenance or busy home chores that exhaust and take away your personal space, a few minutes of mindful practice can restore a sense of balance accompanied with a refreshed state of mind. Although the practice of mindfulness is a trend that has been in the sidelines over the past few years, it is time that this mystified process faces a breakthrough to finding its rightful place in the spotlights of our everyday life. Irrespective of caste or creed, religion or personal belief, Mindfulness has something for everyone. A self-rewarding practice, ‘Mindfulness’ unblocks the channels of feeling the joy and satiety of the present moment. As Thich Nhat Hanh, a global spiritual, rightly said, “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.”

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