Quick Knowledge Bytes on LeEco's First Driverless Car

BENGALURU: The era of autonomous vehicles (AV) is all set to begin. This will ultimately drive a new wave in the landscape of transportation where the issues of mobility, economy will shell-out, and the society as-a-whole will experience noticeable implications. An article in Slate explains about how AVs will hinder the revenue generation for governments, while on the other side, the benefits of efficiency and safety cannot be neglected. Whilst the world debates on the pros and cons of driverless vehicles, the Chinese smartphone maker LeEco has already set the stage by launching world’s first driverless concept supercar. Against such flourishing automobile space, let us learn seven things about LeEco's first driverless car—LeSEE, short for Super Electric Ecosystem—as reported by Heena Gupta from The Times of India.

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