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Places with Eye-popping Customs of Drinking and Eating Habits

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 04 November 2016, 05:40 Hrs
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In the southern part of America—Brazil few foods courts and restaurants have a weird custom of using coupons while having meat. A restaurant ‘Texas de Brazil’ has follows this coupon system where, coaster sized coupon are kept on the table. It has two sides each painted with green and red. Each color has its own meaning the green symbolizes YES while the red indicates NO. When you flip to the green side the diner will serve you extra meat, and when you are full you just need to turn the coupon towards the red side.   


It is a fact that the Russian vodka when offered symbolizes trust and friendship. So when if you are in Russia or planning to visit then never turn the vodka offer down as it shows that you are being rude. The Russian vodka is always drunk neat without mixing anything—ice, or other aerated drinks as done to other vodka. But only Yorsh—a mix of vodka and Beer is the only vodka mix that is not been judged by the Russians.

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