Places with Eye-popping Customs of Drinking and Eating Habits

BENGALURU: Each place has its own distinct feature of eating habits. As there are diversities in races so are the differences in food habits. So, below mentioned are some places with eye-popping customs of drinking or eating habits which will help you when you are out there in these mentioned places:


The naval tradition of Britain dictates “Port to port”, it means that the decanter to be placed on the right side of the host or hostess while sitting around a table. Then the vintage port has to be passed to the left, which travels the table in clockwise direction. And again comes back to the starting point. There are few arcane explanations to this custom. One such explanation is that passing on the left side keeps the sword arm free in case of any trouble. This custom is followed even today, giving everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the wine as with rotation no one is left out. 

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