Most Spine Tingling Churches in the World

Warning: Not for the Soft Hearted!

Have you ever experienced a supernatural or a negative energy once in your lifetime? Most of the people around the world believe in ghosts or spirits as they’ve encountered something strange or weird in their life. However, in order to get rid of the unwanted thoughts and feelings, people gather at churches and other places of worship to feel the comfort. But not all churches are sacred; some still claim the fact that the spirits of the dead are still present around the hallways and cemeteries. Let’s check out the spookiest and creepiest churches around the world which still claim to be haunted.


  1. The Church of St. Mary The Virgin, Clophill (UK):

    Built around 1350, the haunted 14th century church was known for its odd things. Usually churches are traditionally oriented to face east, but this unusual church is supposedly facing the wrong side. Some claim that it’s because St. Mary The Virgin faces away from God, it thus opens its doors to Hell. Also, the church has previously reported haunting and other satanic rituals. With this spooky and weird setting, the church was abandoned after a new church was built in a well-located place in the 19th century. Several bizarre events happened during the 1960s and it was said that black magic activities were reported in and around the church.