Men's Top 5 Street Fashion Trends


Once considered as the ‘uncool’ material, the corduroy material is starting its redemption in menswear trends this year. The raised fabric is often considered as a winter wardrobe and according to the Pinterest, the word search for ‘corduroy’ is up by 507 percent. But corduroy still lies between the elegant nostalgic period and frisky modern era. The cozy, active, cool outfits still top the list with its coats, boots, and more trending at the popular international brands like Zara, H&M and more.

Sling Bags

Most men carry a backpack for keeping their belongings, but not anymore. The newest entry in the modern trends is sling bags or you can call a fanny-pack. The Pinterest searches for ‘sling bags’ is up a whopping 1184 percent and that delivers a huge message to the fashionistas. Dudes nowadays flaunt the sling bags to the front to keep an eye on his belongings or he can keep it on the back to keep it out of his way while being hands-free. Supercool, aint it? Bright color sling bags with the classic white tees and Levi’s regular jeans and sneakers can look good on anyone.