It's Time to Step-up your Cotton Game with Supima Cotton, Folks!!

Often called as the ‘King of the fibres’ – Cotton has always got you covered since the day you were born. Schools, playground, office, wedding functions, and wherever you go, you name it, cotton was probably the type of clothing your parents choose for you. For several reasons, cotton is the undisputed one in the market because people who were researching it decades ago have scientifically proved that we’ll get a good, better sleep on cotton sheets than other fabrics. Cotton has its own advantages such as ability to control moisture, good comfort, insulate, weatherproof, and durability makes it stand above the rest.

Recently a new fabric started taking over the fashion world, called ‘Supima Cotton’, a high quality American grown Pima cotton which is extra-long staple cotton (ELS). The extra –long staples produces a durable single-ply thread that is softer, more breathable, and long lasting. Interesting isn’t it? Hey fashionistas, in case you haven’t heard about ‘Supima’, we are here to help you. Relax and don yourselves with the next big thing i.e. Supima Cotton clothing in the fashion world now.