India's 5 Best Small Cars Below 8 Lakhs

2. Volkswagen Polo

Range: almost 5 lakhs.

With a startin range of almost 5 lakh, this model of Volkswagon is one of the most loved small cars in Indian market.

Mostly preferred by the young car lovers, this model is the perfect blend of luxury, class, dynamism and technology. The grilles on the front side, body colored bumpers, handle bars, rear view mirrors of this hatchback makes it more appealing and has been extremely successful in attracting the small car lover in the Indian market.

Coming to the exterior of this hatchback, it’s of 3,790mm in length, 1,682mm in width and 1,453mm in height.

3. Skoda Fabia

Range: more than 5 lakhs.

This hatchback is available in 11 variants. 5 of them are diesel and six are petrol.

The Czech manufacturer has taken special care of this hatchback. The muscular look of this hatchback is completed with the sharp headlamps and the lip-spoiler in the front bumper.

It is now available in three engine options: 1.2 litre-MPI-75 bhp petrol engine, 1.2 litre TDI-CR-75 bhp diesel and 1.6 litre-MPI-105 bhp petrol engine. The alloy wheels gives more attractiveness to this model.

Having a starting range of more than 5 lakh , this hatchback is reasonably spacious and also one of the loved cars in India.

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