"Indian twist to Western Fast Foods"

Starting a business from scratch has its challenges, but if you are determined and have a clear-cut vision, you can script your own success story in today’s world. In India, fast food industry is dominated majorly by global chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza hut and Domino’s Pizza. But there is room for improvement which is identified by Mr. Prashant Kulkarni (Ex-Infosys employee) and Mrs. Vinaya Kulkarni (Ex-Infosys employee).

Journey from corporate life to fast food entrepreneur

Who wants to leave a well-established job with one of the top IT giants? After gaining experience as software engineer, Mr Prashant Kulkarni and his wife realized that existing fast foods don’t have Indian taste and miss the charm that traditional cuisines give to the tongue.  Determined to bring Indian taste to western fast food, the passionate entrepreneurs raised capital from their own savings to start a fast food company. The rising demand of healthy eating among consumers has paved the route for next generation fast food brand.

The missing part

Most of fast food companies are targeting only metros and tier 1 city but people in tier 2 and 3 cities also show interest in ready-to-eat meals. After tremendous research, Mr. Prashant comes up with a solid business plan to penetrate tier 2 and 3 cities. Apart from this, western brands are focused mainly on their native land ingredients rather than locally developed. Hence the couple is on a mission to discover real Indian delicacies and to them; food is awesome when it reflects local culture, taste and ambience.

Uniqueness about Box-o-burger

With plans to build an Indian style fast food brand that use innovative concepts, fresh and natural ingredients, the couple decided to launch Box-o-burger. It was not easy to create a space amidst tough competition for Box-o-burger. Any start-up becomes popular when its product is appealing and distinguished. During initial phase due to lack of funds, experiments with fast foods had been started from home.

In order to create effective dining experience, a menu including different varieties of burgers, French fries, garlic bread and Burgizza (blend of burger and pizza) that gives real Indian taste, was introduced on streets of Indore.

Success phase

A customized and smart franchise model was developed to promote Box-o-burger in competitive marketplace. After waiting for more than six months, Box-o-burger’s first outlet was opened in Bhuj (Gujarat) and now people can taste Indian version of fast foods as Box-o-burger aims at opening more stores in tier 2 and 3 cities.

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