Foreign Destinations for One Day Vacation

Isle of Man

Lying in the Irish Sea, it is a 572 square kilometers island with a population of around 84,000 residents. Tourist attractions include Peel Castle, Manx museum, Railway museum, House of Manannan and Castle Rushen. But, what really puts this place on the map is the Isle of Man TT, a motorcycle racing event held every year in the month of May or June. Considered one of the most prestigious and dangerous events of its kind, the race sees public roads running through the island being closed down for the competition.


Tucked between Austria and Switzerland, this Alpine microstate is one of the only two doubly-landlocked nations in the world. The Alpine destination will be most favored for tourists who love mountainous terrains and indulge in winter sports. Like its neighbor Switzerland, the nation due to its laws is considered a tax haven for wealthy individuals. Due to its topographic features picturesque sceneries are everywhere and to consider tourist attractions the nation has a number of museums and two castles. The Schloss Vaduz or Vaduz Castle is the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein and is off limits for general public, however on Liechtenstein’s National Day (August 15), the prince invites every citizen for celebration over a glass of wine or beer. The other castle, Burg Gutenberg is open for public access and can be pre-booked for social events.

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