Fashion Accessories Every Men Should Own

  1. Bracelets

Bracelets are ranked higher in the list only because it’s the recent sensational addition to the fashion accessory family and it compliments a lot to your style, whether it is casual or formal. Bracelets usually falls into the category of jewelry, which also includes rings, necklaces and more, and with its hassle free wearing bonus, it’s definitely the one you must have. Just be aware that wearing too many at one time can be a major turn-off. So careful with the number of bracelets you add. 

The bracelets usually available in the men’s accessory sites are chain bracelets, beaded bracelets and anchor bracelets. Chain bracelets are known for its simple, durable nature that gives the masculine slick look than the cool, relaxed look. Beaded bracelets come in many shapes, sizes and colors and being one of the most versatile styles of bracelets, it can be combined with a bomber jacket or a leather jacket to give you the dapper cool guy look. Typically known for the casual wears, anchor bracelets consist of either leather or rope as the strap and it symbolizes the new generation dashing guys who don’t worry much about the life.

Catch: Don’t wear them on both the wrists if you want to look Macho!