Demystifying the Bond between Millennials & Travelling

Millenials and TravellingNot all who wander are lost. Young and restless, the Millennials surely have an out-of-the-box approach in whatever they do. Leaving the ‘moh-Maya’ behind, they are always down in the favor of spending their hard-earned money on traveling rather than willing to have any materialistic possession. When it comes to traveling, these millennials mostly go for something which is novel, raw and exposed to local. As a trendsetter in this 21st century, millennials shun the traditional tourist spots of the destination in favor of something that they usually don’t get to see along with the excitement of discovering the unknown, thrilling experiences and wide exposure.

Travelling, undoubtedly, is a transforming tool whose impact is a lot more compelling in light of few factors of the gloomy 9-5 job life, hustle-bustle of the metro cities, inner chaos and many more. Every individual is different and perceives things & experiences in its own different way. Many psychologists have shared that it is recommended to travel to places that are fascinating to an individual, be it historical monuments, cultures, scenic beauty like beach, mountains or others. Many millennials experience a spellbound when they travel to places that they love and it does help them to detox from the noise, impurity and pollution of their routine lives. “Different age groups find different places appealing given that they are not in the same phase of their lives. And as we move to different phases of our lives, our choices, as well as perception keep changing,” says Varun Kaul, Counseling Psychologist, and Corporate Trainer, having over five years of extensive experience in counseling, training, therapy and motivation.

Go-to Spots and the Ready-to-go Attitude

While other age groups, preferably, go for an organized, pre-planned and relaxed travel experience, millennials opt for an instantly-planned and spontaneous travel plans that has a more real-time experience where they find the self connect with the nature and find a meaning out of life. To get the real essence of the experience, the millennials do not mind compromising on the comfort that they live in.  “Millennials go both sides of the pendulum. Some let go off the comfort to learn and take a dive for experience since it invites challenges while other are very particular about their basic level of comfort and feel uncomfortable without it,” says Varun. 

Mostly, millennials likely go ahead with places like remote village with no connectivity & network, and mountains where these places are the gateway to adrenaline rush and give them room for adventure activities like hiking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, sky diving, water rafting, and many more. While few of them rather go for providing volunteer services at trekking camps, be a camp leader or take training for it or be a part of medication or nirvana or inner journey camp. Believe me! You would never find a millennial holed up in a hotel room or dormitory but rather comfortable roaming on the local streets, or backpacking in remote villages for around two weeks to two months.

Only You

Going solo is always an enriching experience. The fascination of solo trips in Indians is pacing day by day. Staying among the crowd everyday, it’s quite difficult to spend time with your own self and be yourself. These trips, actually give a lot of chance of introspection and personalization of travel experience. The only point is it is, at times questionable for those who have hard time enjoying their own company, rest assured the experience can revive and rejuvenate your inner self and turns out to be very effective. 

The Influencers & FOMO’s

By large, the millennials are influenced by family, friends, young people or celebrities that they follow on social media platforms. Also, they are driven by opinions of peers, frequently consulting and crowd-sourced review sites before deciding the place. It not only gives inspiration for a place but also encourages to share their own experiences while travelling. At times, platforms like these evolve new desires and wishes among millennials and tend to make them competitive and aggressive in their minds. It is a high need to have a balanced mind set when it comes to the influence of social media. On the flipside, the fear of missing out (FOMO) because social media is quite prevalent these days. Feeling that pretending a happy life will make them ahead of others while they are struggling with their own happiness; these millennials always run the race no matter what! It is very well to understand to not to let FOMO drive our life as if is not a healthy model of motivating be it for short term results.

Persevering in with the slogan of ‘Make voyages, Attempt, There’s nothing else’, the Millennials travel spontaneously and take off-the-beaten-path adventures while they embody the spirit of reverie, dauntlessness, and ‘Carpe Diem’ attitude in their minds.

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