Best Indian Hill Stations For Charming Escapes

BENGALURU: With this scorching heat of summer there is nothing like a cool gateway to the mountains. Picturesque hill stations in India are the perfect tourist destination for the nature lovers.  Misty, mystical and serene hill stations are found in every part of the country. A trip to hill station is needed when one want a bit of respite from hasty rush hour and a memorable summer vacation. Want to get some best scenic views and travel experience? If yes then head to one of these hill stations in India to cherish the finest moments with nature, reports CnTraveller.

Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Holding the crown as the “Heartland of Winter Sports in India Gulmarg is one of the popular skiing destination, where visitors can ski paying a fraction of price they pay elsewhere in the world. The place is also a popular shooting for many Bollywood movies and an annual 3-day Gulmarg Winter Festival is also held in March. Gorgeous hotels with improved infrastructure make Gulmarg one of the best tourist spots in the country.

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