Baleno vs Elite i20 vs Polo GT vs Jazz! Check Out the Best of the Four Hatchbacks

BENGALURU: Today auto industry in India contributes about 25 Pct of the total manufacturing GDP of the country. There are more than a dozen of automakers in India from around the globe viz. Honda, Renault, Volkswagen, Hyundai and the list goes on.

In India, around 50 percent of the population is youth and when it comes to cars; Hatchbacks and SUVs do really fascinates all. In the first half of the year 2016, many automobiles have been released such as new Honda Jazz, Hyundai Elite i20 AT, and Maruti Baleno. Following these launches, is the most awaited Polo GT TSI.  

The recent release of hatchbacks—Baleno, Elite i20 and Jazz has created confusion among people as on which hatchback to bring on to their doorstep. Adding to this list is the new Polo GT TSI model which is yet to release. All these hatchbacks range between 8.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs of which the most priced being Polo and the least among the lot is Baleno.In the other two,  Jazz hovered around 9 lakhs and Elite i20 coming up with a price tag of around 8.8 lakhs.

The Polo GT TSI has been powered with the strongest 1.2 liter turbocharged engine which unleashes 103.5 bhp power at 5000 rpm. Second on the engine’s power list comes the Hyundai Elite i20 having 1.4 liters engine that generates 88.73 bhp power at 4000 rpm. Following these two hatchbacks are the Honda Jazz with 1.5 liters engine that imparts 98.6 bhp power and Maruti Baleno with 1.3 liters engine boosting 74 bhp power.

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI and its twin model are much awaited for its automatic 7-speed gear transmission. Whereas, the others on the list have automatic gear transmission offered in their top-end models for petrol versions with less number of gear speeds ranging from 5-speed to 6-speed gears. Polo GT TSI and Elite i20 has the largest fuel tank capacity (40 liters) to drive these hatchbacks, whereas Jazz has 40liters of fuel capacity and Baleno containing 37 liters of tank capacity.

The Interiors vary with the models. When considering safety, Polo GT TSI has cruise control system and is provided with rear fog lights which make your ride safe. All the models except the Polo GT TSI have a navigation system to assist you to cruise any desired place.

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