Awesome Books to Read Before Your 21st Birthday

BANGALORE: Books are best friends for a lifetime. Apart from imparting knowledge, it can be your morale booster and inspire you in various ways. As you curiously and happily transform from teens to mature adults in your life, Books can help you in your transformational challenges and tough times. It also guides you, inspires you and makes you calm, happy and content. Read through the list to find out the awesome books you should read before your 21st birthday.

#1. Short Stories by Saadat Hasan Manto: The book is the compilation of various short stories written by Saadat Hasan Manto, the Urdu writer who was widely read and also the most controversial one.

The stories are published after few years of partition of India, and represent the chaos among people then, and involve stories of survival, hope, mercy, killings and lost things. As he famously quoted, “If you find my stories dirty, the socirty you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth”. Some of his best stories are Bu, Khol Do, Thanda Gosht and renowned Toba Tek Singh. His stories should be read by all young people to know about our past, the partition and the pain related to it. Every young adult should know at what cost India got its freedom and realize its importance to make positive changes.

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