9 Indian Restaurants and Their Way to Culinary Success

Monkey Bar – Bangalore

Do not worry! No monkeys actually live inside this happening pub of Namma Bengaluru. In fact, increasing hype among the people made the same grow in two parts of the city. That is, the bar has two branches in Richmond Road and Indiranagar respectively. Their call to action was from the very debut day, as they have a long and lusting menu that is impossible to try in a go. Food is so out of the world, that customers do revert to try all the choices. By the time, they finish one lot, the Monkey bar comes up with another fresh menu thus, scooping scope for them to continue coming.

The Fatty Bao - Bangalore

Now they are called as one of the most romantic eatery in the city. Undoubtedly, their ambiance and set up stands as the only reason for this tag. Colorful and peppy- it attracts every visitor every time they reach the place. The X-factor they launched that brought them in public preview is introduction of cocktails with Indian menu. When the country was getting used to the combination of cocktail with western delights; they just replaced it with Asian cuisine. The blend became a hit among critics and food lovers, making this a must try when in Bengaluru.

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