8 Most Beautiful National Parks To Visit In India

BENGALURU: India is a country studded by numerous National Parks where people from foreign countries also come to visit. India is a country blessed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The natural beauty of our country leaves its explorers speechless, according to scoopwhoop.com.

sdGorumara National Park:

Gorumara is a National Park in northern West Bengal, India, located in the Terai region of the Himalayan foothills, it is a medium-sized park with grasslands and forests. It is primarily known for its population of Indian rhinoceros. The park has been declared as the best among the protected areas in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the year 2009.

sdNagarhole National Park:

This park was declared the thirty seventh Project Tiger  reserve in 1999. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The Western Ghats Nilgiri Sub-Cluster of 6,000 km, including all of Nagarhole National Park, is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site.

Nagarhole means ‘Snake River’ in Kannada language and the name is derived from the fact that its river flows through the dense forest in a shape similar to that of a snake. The town consists of many dense forests, waterfalls and temples that are an integral part of Nagarhole’s cultural heritage.

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