8 Midnight Food Delivery Services in India

Midnight Hunger Solutions, Bangalore

Established by Vaibhav Ali, this 24X7 food delivery service is all set to serve you food at the wee hours of night. They have a central kitchen and the service extend to entire Namma Bengaluru. Their range of food list is also long including Parathas, Rolls, Chinese, Tandoori, Gravy, Rice and Noodles.  Since their emergence in 2012, they guarantee a delivery of good food and do not have any junks or fast food in the menu. Opting for their meals available in different sixes makes a good food treat at the middle of the night. Ali considers Chicken biriyani as their most popular food item.

Night Dragon, Mumbai

This all night food service is available throughout Mumbai. They offer a limited Chinese and Indian menu is delivered to your doorstep from a nearby eatery or restaurant. If you are specific about any particular food, they try to get you the same if available with any restaurant at that point of the night. They also deliver healthy meals, ready to eat food and beverages, keeping in account those who live alone and their requisites. On special request they also bring cigarettes and medicines for you.

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