8 Addictive Street Foods Of India

Dahi Bhalla, Chandni Chowk

The popular evening snack or dessert Dahi Vada is called Dahi Bhalla here. ‘Dahi’ in hindi means curd. This sweet preparation contains fried balls of vadas in a smooth thick curd base. Tamarind chutney is added on top like chocolate sauce, to give it a sour touch with chili powder and more. If you reach the food street of Chandni Chowk, dahi bhalla might be common in many stores. But to experience the best walk up to to Nataraj Bhalla store. They are masters in this dish since ages.

 Basket Chaat , Lucknow

Descending down from the capital of the country, the next food city is Lucknow. Here, Basket Chaat of Royal Café is worth a try. If you are in Lucknow, or planning for a trip there or even in a day’s halt - do be here to try this famous dish. They put in all ingredients of chaat within a big fried ball of puri and the entire combo is eatable. A plate full of basket chaat with some of their other snacks like Pav Bhaji or Panipuri can make your meal for the day. End the endeavor with Matka Kulfi.

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