8 Grandeur Indian Weddings Which Depicted A Fairytale Come True

BENGALURU: The Big Fat Indian Wedding, probably one of the most famous things after our movies and cricket. We have dreamt of weddings, some of us wanted it simple and some lavish. But there are these other set of people, the divas and the celebrities who took the phrase ‘big-fat Indian wedding’ a bit too seriously as reported by ToI. Do we have a choice but notice these extravagant weddings?

The Latest—Sanjay Hinduja’s wedding at Udaipur Palace

J. Lo in Sanjay Hinduja's Wedding

All of you out there must have heard of J. Lo’s first time in India. She was here to perform at Sanjay Hinduja’s destination wedding in Udaipur Palace amidst all the glitterati.  The Grand Hinduja’s wedding kept the entire Bollywood and the Businessmen busy for an entire week.  

The beloved sister of Salman Khan—Arpita’s wedding

Salman's sister Arpita's Wedding

The media seemed to have left behind the rest of the news to cover Arpita’s wedding news. Arpita the beloved sister of Salman Khan was the most talked about wedding till date. Her wedding had seen the presence of almost all the stars including Amir and Sharukh and leaving very few. Arpita seemed like the darling of the entire Bollywood industry.

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