5 Dangerous Forms of Diet That Might Kill You

1. Paleo Diet

The name Paleo diet came from the concept linking to the Paleolithic Age or the Caveman Age. This diet suggests people to eat food like the Old Stone Age man giving importance to fruits, vegetables, seafood lean meats. All kinds of dairy products and grains should be avoided. This diet is said to be a low carbohydrate diet and the ban on refined grains, salt and sugars indicates that processed foods are out.

 Paleo diet might help in initial weight loss, but it is said to have complications for the body in the long run.  Carbohydrates are a must for the body and lack of carbs leads to bone problems, complications in kidney, constipation and increases the rate of health diseases. 

US News and World Report released a number of Weight Loss Diets; the list stated that Paleo diet was ranked last in its group. The diet was said to be missing two important groups of food and nutrients in a man’s diet. There is not enough scientific evidence to show the long term weight loss in Paleo diet.