5 Dangerous Forms of Diet That Might Kill You

Bangalore: Dieting never seems to go out of fashion; it is a routine in most of our lives. People search for diet tips on search engines, books and even ask for help from their friends.

According to reports by World Health organization around 65 percent of the people in this world face the problem of obesity. These have led to growing concern among youngsters and off late elders are also showing interests in diet. People are following health tips from anyone and everyone, just with a hope that it would benefit them.

Although all that we read about dieting is not true, we still don’t hesitate in trying them out. There are a few who must have been dieting from over a decade and still showing no improvement.  With books on diet and celebrities endorsing fitness related DVDs, people are cashing in on these ideas and are also becoming the scapegoats in the market.

Read on to know some of the worst diet tips that has to be avoided, listed by Stephanie Castillo of yahoo