5 Best Road Trip Destinations from India

Just like in the American movies, a road trip can definitely save you from the mental stress you’re facing at the workplace. But with all the fun and excitement in mind, never forget the main hurdles which can give you a headache during the trip and ruin the pre-made plans. With proper planning and necessary permits, you can achieve your dream road trip with your amazing bunch of people riding across different nations and cultures.

With the right spirits, let’s check out these amazing road trip destinations from India which gives that amazing moments to cherish forever. All you have to do to make this humongous road trip possible is check your vehicle’s conditions, paper works and keep intact all the stuffs (food, drinks, cameras, torches, and more) you need before you start off. Also make sure your travel documents are ready. Please note: in this article, we’ve taken the capital city, New Delhi as the starting place, hence the distances and time are calculated accordingly.


The country is well known for its highest peaks, mountains, forests and amazing roads. Nepal has everything you need in a road trip, be it sceneries, food, routes, alcohols and others. The best thing is you can enter Nepal at any time of the year without any proper former permission from anyone. Nepal is not only about the Himalayas, it has Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park, Temples and other outdoor activities such rafting, biking and others.

Best Route: Sunauli Border in U.P (about 180 kms from Gorakhpur)

Time & Distance: 72 hours, 800 kms

Documents Required: Indian Driving License, Photo ID Proof