5 Most Bizarre Things Made Out Of Gold!

Bangalore: Gold is always an obsession for people. For the rich, obsession becomes desire or flaunting. Gold is not only restricted to making jewelry, there are some beautiful things like cars, phone, food, and so on that are covered in gold nowadays. Check below the list of gold coated things-

1) Golden bike

Bikes come with an expensive price tag and if the same bike is touched with a pinch of gold then the price can go beyond one’s imagination. Bike wheels covered with gold! Surprised? Jaipur-based Rajputana Custom designs customized bikes using gold and silver. They use different art forms in their designs. For example, Koftgari work which is mainly done on swords, used on the bike’s clutch cover. Also, the oil and gas tank is beautifully designed with silver and gold. Such kind of customized bikes are made for actor John Abraham and many more.

"We use fine gold and silver Koftgari work in some designs," said Vijay Singh, owner of Rajputana Custom, reports Vijaya Rathore of Economic Times.

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