5 Best MPVs in India

Bangalore: Indian car lovers have a strong and vivid taste for cars. Whether it is big or small, India has all the categories of customers.

Multipurpose Vehicles (MPV) are the new trends in the auto market. Factors like space, luxury, appeal, safety, and reliability has made customers to prefer MPVs.

Some of the soon to be launched MPVs as listed by ‘gaadi.com’ are as follows:


1. Ashok Leyland Stile 

Expected price: 5,00,000-8,00,000

According to the auto experts, this MPV is the sibling of the Nissan Evalia. With this MPV, the manufacturers will be targeting the commercial users.

Even with so many similarities, the Stile possesses many different features from the Nissan Evalia. To keep the fuel efficiency high, the weight of this MPV has been kept low. The headlight looks very attractive with their sharp looks.

Sliding doors will give an extra motility to this MPV in packed parking places. Lower floor has been maintained to provide easy passage of the passengers.

It will be having both diesel and CNG versions along with seating options available.

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