18 Worst Cars of All Times

15. Cadillac Catera

Year: 1997

Manufacturer: Cadillac

Catera was marketed by Cadillac as an entry level model. Though the company managed to sell 95000 units, it faced immense criticism among customers for its sluggish performance.

14. Fiat Ritmo

Year: 1978

Manufacturer: Fiat

 Fiat Ritmo was touted as one of the most distinctive small family car and Fiat sold a total of 1,790,000 units in the ten years it was manufactured. However, the major reason behind the failure of this car is its being prone to rusting.

13. AMC Pacer

Year: 1975

Manufacturer: American Motors Corporation

The Pacer was riding high on anticipation by the AMC that were seeing it as ‘the next big thing.’ This two-door car occupied a wide space and had an unusual design that made it an icon in the 1970s. Though, the car lost its market because of its sluggish performance which was not acknowledged by many.

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