11 Experiences Everyone Must Have Before 30

Bucket List

BENAGALURU: Are you turning 30 soon? Well then now is the time you make a bucket list of things which you think you can only do before you turn 30. Jot down all those crazy ideas you have in mind and finish them all one after the other. And do not miss out on any, because it is now or never folks! And while you are at it here is a list of experiences which we think should be on your bucket list.

Business Insider gives a thrilling road map for those who are about to hit the 30 milestone:

Firstly, get out of your City

Travelling is where it all starts. Think of that one city which excites you, and get going. This is probably the best time for you to go on an exotic trip to some place which feels like the end of the Earth. After all a lavish trip is feasible only when you are single.

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