10 Road Trips To Crusie The Road With Your Buddies

BANGALORE: Ever had the feeling that life’s a bit too stagnate? Ever woken up with the feeling that we are just programmed to follow the same routine mapped throughout the year?

Well if you did, it’s time to unwind and be born again and what better way to set out on a road trip with ones closest friends, reports Grab House.

Here we bring you a list of exciting places to blaze your road trip along with your friends-

 Mumbai to Goa

If you and your friends are the party animals then a cruise from Mumbai to Goa is a dream come true.  The destination of beaches, fun and parties mumbai to goatakes a good 10 hours drive from Mumbai, but the journey is totally worth it.  Picturesque scenery, meeting travelers along the way and loads of food joint is certainly going to keep the party mood pumping. If you are going to embark on this course make sure you set out from Mumbai as early as 5 in the morning, in order to catch the sunset while you chill out in one of several beaches in Goa. 

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