10 New Destinations To Visit in India 2015

BENGALURU: Our nation is rich in its beauty and culture. Indians are always ready to pack their bags and set out for some great destinations like Goa, Rajasthan, Kullu-Manali, Kashmir, TajMahal and many more. But some of the new Indian destinations hold awesome blend of culture and landscapes, which are lesser-known and hardly visited. These unexplored places have lot to offer to the country’s tourism.

While visiting these places, enlisted by Redscarab, try walking on the wet grass bare footed, listen to the chirping birds early morning and breathe in the rural flavor. Nature will embrace you with all its love and serenity.

Amadubi, Jharkhand: Amadubi Village, 65 kilometers from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand will welcome you with its rich art, craft and culture. Pyatkar painting made with leaves and barks, Mithila Art, Dokhra hand painted saarees and the local cuisines like Gud-Pitha and Ud-pitha are worth trying. Above all stands the simplicity and hospitality of the local hosts is a plus.

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